A Customer Review - Claire Rock - Bracknell Forest Council

Claire is PA to the leader at Bracknell Forest Council. She had her home insulated under the various govt led insulation initiatives. Many homes (millions) have been insulated in this way.

As per normal the professional installers applied the bag method when insulating the loft hatch. This does not work as Claire found out. Claire bought two loft hatch pillows in our price bundle as she wanted to make her home warmer as well as reduce her domestic carbon footprint. Moreover, like many good people, she wanted to do her bit for climate change.

In advance of installing her new products Claire removed the bag that the professional installers that had affixed to her loft hatch. To her surprise it made no difference to heating requirement or home warmth. The home thermostat was set at 23 degrees C before the bag was removed and remained set at 23 after the bag was removed. Once her new products were fitted onto the loft hatch her home suddenly (within 15 minutes) became a lot warmer.

The inescapable conclusions being

i) loft insulation does not work unless the loft hatch has been insulated properly,

ii) the professional installer method of insulating the loft hatch does not work and this therefore means that loft insulation does not work,

iii) once the loft hatch has been insulated properly then all the loft insulation works. The thermostat in Claire’s home is now set at 19.

This means that the requirement to heat the same house has been reduced by about 20%. Broadly speaking Claire should enjoy a reduction in her heating bills of about 15%. Not bad for a very small investment.

Claire describes our loft hatch insulation kit / pillow as being “remarkable” and that every home in the UK should have one.

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