How To Insulate A Loft Hatch

Even stone age man appreciated the fact that in order to remain warm in his home he needed to do two things: i) produce sufficient heat by way of an open fire for comfort and ii) preserve as much of the heat that was possible – insulation. Early forms of insulation materials included stinging nettles, reeds and straw. Reed and straw remained in constant use and latterly stinging nettles (only the stalk is used and not the leaves) are making a comeback.

All of these products are hollow. This means that they trap air and prevent it from moving easily. Trapped or motionless air is the main method of preventing warm air moving away from its desired location.

Man has developed away from huts and caves and now lives in more permanent buildings usually constructed from bricks or other solid building materials. A common feature of homes is compartmentalisation. Each room providing a designated or separate function i.e. bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms etc. Typically most homes comprise of two areas. One being the main living area – which is kept warm. And the other being the loft – which is normally cold. Access from one to the other is normally via a small door or loft hatch.

Modern man is no different from his predecessors in that he wishes to remain warm. In this regard he commonly insulates the loft with loft insulation. Critical to the overall thermal warmth of the loft area is also to insulate the loft hatch with either loft hatch insulation or a loft hatch insulation pillow. The professional installer fabricates a loft hatch insulation kit from various materials. The first item usually made is a loft hatch pillow which is attached to the top of the loft hatch. In some homes a dormer room is the means to access the loft. In these situations in order to maintain warmth the installer has to provide for insulation for the loft door.

The DIY enthusiast is able to obtain loft hatch insulation by either replacing the loft hatch with a new one or buying a low cost loft hatch insulation solution. This is the best insulation for a loft hatch. If a roof hatch exists in the loft it is always important to best to provide roof hatch insulation as well.

Specialist companies and websites are easily found that are able to provide insulation for the loft hatch.

Insulation for the home is very important. Much heat vents and escapes through an poorly or un-insulated loft hatch. Low cost loft hatch insulation solutions are now available – it is sensible to fit one to your home.

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