How to make your house warmer...

Use common sense.

A warm home is simply a box that has heat pumped into it usually via radiators or other heat sources. The warmth comes from keeping the heat inside the box.

The heat will escape from any exit point. In fact, all heat will escape from any or all exit points.

What is an exit point? Any gap in the box or the insulation layers of the box that is greater than 1 mm. Yes, 1 mm. The newspaper half in and half out of the letterbox is an exit point. An open window is an exit point. A partially open window is an exit point. A partially open door is an exit point. Structural exit points typically exist.

These are gaps at the corners of walls or other junctions where the insulation layers don’t quite either overlap or butt up against each other. There is not much that can be done about those – assuming you don’t want to demolish the box!

A less obvious but hugely critical exit point is the loft hatch. Massive volumes of heat will vent away from that exit point. It is one of the worst exit points in any home. It is made worse if the box has double glazed windows and doors as well as good overall insulation. This means that any exit point is highly desirable for heat to escape. Remember that an immutable law of physics is that hot always seeks cold – never the other way around. Heat loves exit points and a great big juicy loft hatch is a complete feast for heat. The solution is simple, buy our award-winning loft hatch insulation pillows.

Don’t feed the heat – insulate the loft hatch with a proper product that not only insulates the hatch but also ensures that the seal is as airtight as possible.

Finally, don’t leave the newspaper half in and half out ask the paperboy to hit the mat!

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