Making Your Home More Energy-efficient


Effective loft insulation is vital for home warmth and lower bills. Government scientists confirm that 25% of home heat is lost through the loft. Insulating your roof space is a simple yet highly effective way to prevent heat loss and cut your energy bills. Although, it’s important that you get it right if you really want to reap the benefits.

Unfortunately, one key area that is often overlooked in home renovations and retrofits is the loft hatch - a vital component of any insulation project. While your loft hatch may seem insignificant in contrast to the large, draughty roof space, forgoing this step means seriously compromising the thermal efficiency of your home. Here’s why insulation for loft doors is so important:



When it comes to heat loss, the loft hatch opening is a weak point of many homes. This is because a major culprit of heat loss is convective heat transfer. Put simply, hot air rises. If your loft hatch hasn’t been properly 100% insulated, you’re leaving open gaps exposed between the warm living area and cold roof space. Heat escapes through these tiny gaps, and in turn, the cost of your heating bills increases as you struggle to keep your home warm. A properly insulated loft hatch quickly and easily closes all the gaps, effectively trapping heat in where you need it.

Either a poorly insulated loft hatch or non-insulated loft hatch means that you are fighting a battle against the perfect laws of nature to retain heat within your home. This is a battle that you must lose – unless you pay out lots and lots of money for heating.



The ‘stack effect’ is the motion of air being pulled or pushed into and out of a building. This is something that happens in any home that is not properly insulated. This motion is a result of the difference in air temperature between the inside of your home and the outdoor climate, with the movement of airflow and heat changing with the seasons. During the winter months when you want your home to be warm and cosy, rising warm air escapes through the uninsulated attic space, with the dense cold air outside being pulled into the home to replace it.

The diagram below illustrates how heat loss typically occurs through an uninsulated loft hatch.



Our loft hatch insulation pillow is a simple solution to prevent hot air from escaping, acting as an effective draught excluder to keep your home warm. Without adequate loft hatch insulation you’re leaving your home susceptible to brisk breezes, which can reduce the thermal efficiency of your existing loft insulation by up to 43%.


The U-value of a building element shows how well insulated it is, with a lower U-value indicating greater thermal performance. An uninsulated or poorly insulated loft hatch can increase the overall U-value of your ceiling by up to 20%, with even small air gaps having a considerable impact on the thermal insulation of your home.


Effective insulation slows the rate that heat flows out of the house in winter or into the house in summer, meaning less energy is required to heat or cool the house throughout the year. By closing gaps and preventing airflow from moving between the attic and main living area, a simple loft hatch insulation kit can significantly improve energy efficiency at home, saving your pocket as well as the planet.

Loft hatch insulation is a cost-effective solution to prevent cool draughts, boost thermal performance and greatly improve your comfort at home. Completing your renovation work with a properly insulated loft hatch could save you up to 13% on your energy bill, and you won’t believe how quickly you notice the difference!


At the Loft Hatch Insulation Company, we know how vital it is to have an adequately insulated roof space, which means recognising the importance of the loft hatch as well as the attic itself. This is why we’ve created an effective and easy-to-install loft hatch insulation pillow, helping you to save money and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home all year round.


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