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Increasingly it is becoming more important to make our homes warmer. Apart from the obvious benefit of being more comfortable, a warmer home reduces the likelihood of being ill. Moreover, it is generally recognised that warmer homes are needed by the very old and frail as well as the very young and delicate.

During the winter it is important to have adequate and effective insulation. The majority of homes do have loft insulation and loft insulation should reduce about 25% of home heat venting away. Although an obvious question is: do you have effective and good loft insulation? For example it has been confirmed by both the BBA as well as the BRE that an inordinate amount of heat shall vent through the loft hatch. It is true to say that not many people are aware of just how much heat does vent away through either a poorly insulated loft hatch or no loft hatch insulation at all. Many homes have been insulated by various government loft insulation schemes. Very probably these homes do have inadequate loft hatch insulation or poor or non-performing loft hatch insulation. Virtually all professional loft insulation installers just added a loft hatch insulation pillow at the hatch. Unfortunately this, by itself, does not perform very well. An obvious way to check this is to examine your loft hatch. If there exists hook and eye clasps attempting to hold down the hatch then the loft hatch insulation is neither working nor effective. If it were then there would be no need for these clasps.  The best loft insulation pillows or products ensure that there is 100% insulation coverage at the loft hatch which prevents warm air from escaping. This being so if the loft hatch insulation pillow prevents all the warm air from escaping. A good or effective loft hatch insulation product does not need to be held down as it working by regulating the pressure so that it is even across the general loft area.

Unfortunately it has to be said that it is virtually impossible for the DIY to make a retrofit product that will be effective insulation at the loft hatch. If attention is drawn to the loft hatch then it is vitally important to both buy and fit a purpose built retrofit loft hatch insulation device or product.

Loft hatch insulation products are now available from dedicated websites.

Don’t get caught out this winter. Undertake to do some routine maintenance on your various insulation measures. Include into this a proper assessment of your loft hatch and the insulation that you have or do not have at the loft hatch. Remember effective loft hatch insulation could save you as much as 13% of your total energy heating costs.

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